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Art & Culture of Bihar
Wood Carving

Wood carving as a form of art and craft was very famous during Mauryan times. During such period wooden houses were made by carving out of wood. This ancient art has not only been preserved but also has been converted into a means of livelihood by artists of Bihar which in one of the few places where wood carving work is still practiced. Bihar is one of the few places where The wood carving and inlay work is done with wall plaques, table tops, pens and paper cutters being from wood and inlaid with diverse materials ranging from metal, ivory, stag horn to chips of different wood. Presently Patna is well known for manufacturing of craved doors and windows

From time immemorial Bihar had a history of wooden craft which consist of manufacturing of wooden furniture and toys. Right from the time of Mauryan and most particularly form the time of Ashok it has remained high on scale in terms of artistic beauties, creativity, durability and cheap price. During Ashok’s reign beautiful royal throne, royal gates or doors and panels of temples were manufactured by wood artists of Bihar. This ancient and rich tradition of wood work has now converted into a big industries because of their huge demands in Indian and international markets. Patna is a very famous centre of wooden toy making. Similarly Danapur is also quite known for wooden furniture manufacturing. 


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