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Art & Culture of Bihar
Stone Work

Stone works in Bihar have a rich tradition dating back to the pre-Christian era. Bihar's stone works are both of decorative and utility character. The base of stone works in Bihar is centered on the Patthar katti region of Atri in Gaya. However, some artisans of Gaya also practice the art and have been doing so for hundreds of years. 

In its peak during the Mauryan period, stone and architecture works became the symbol of the dynasty. One can see the best of that period in cities like Gaya, Nalanda, and Patna. Apart from monasteries and Stupas, magnificent statues of Lord Buddha were created. Today, the most important place for stone works is Patharkatti in Gaya district. It has plenty of blue black pot stone which are cheap and are used for making statues, images and household articles like the pestle and grinders. It is also among the places in India where architecture works of fountains and tables are done


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