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Bihar Fair and Festival
Sita Kund Mela​

The one Place, which puts Munger on the one of the most visited place, is known as “Sita-Kund”. This place has always been the one, which creates a lot of inquisitiveness among the visitors, as well as it gives a lot of pleasure too. The place is situated 4 miles east of the Munger town. It contains hot springs known as Sita Kund, besides this there is a Hindu temple and to the north is a reservoir of cold water, known as Ramkund, while to the west there were three more polls called after the three brothers of Ram, namely Lakshman Kund, Bharat Kund, and Satrughan Kund.
It has a very interesting ancient story about this place, which belongs in the period of Ramayana. According to which Sita after being rescued form Lanka, Ram to satisfy all public opinion asked Sita to prove her chasti and she gladly agreed to the Agni Pariksha (the fire ordeal). She came out of the fire test uncatched and imparted

to the pool in which she bathed, the heat of her body which she had absorbed from the fire. The hot spring is now an enclosed and grilled reservoir and is visited by a large number of pilgrims on the full moon day of Magh. The water is beautifully clear and transparent and sends up numerous bubbles from its rocky bed.  Various explanations of this phenomenon have been suggested, such as “Deep seated thermodynamics action and variation of under ground volcanic activities.”
A mela is organized beside the Sita Kund and Whatever be the nature of this and scientific exploration, it draws the attraction of foreign travellers and very briefly it is a curious phenomenon. On all accounts, it is a must watch in Munger

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