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Art & Culture of Bihar

Khatwa is the name given to applique works in Bihar. Khatwa is about designing by cutting of one fabric and stitching the pieces to another fabric. Khatwa is mainly used to create designer tents, canopies, shamianas and much more. Making of such tents involves work by both men and women. While cutting of clothes is done by men, women use their expertise in stitching part. Khatwa is also used in designing women garments as well. This is where the real talent of Bihar people is seen in the work. The designs created are more sharp, intricate and highly appealing. Most of the garments shop sell these highly artistic clothes. People in some villages of Bihar are involved only in art works and it is their main source of income. Since the same skills are passed down to generations, the expertise and innovations are immaculate. So when you are visiting Bihar, don't forget to buy yourself some really great paintings and some exquisite clothes. The applique work of Bihar is called "Khatwa". It is believed that applique work made its way into western India either from Europe or Arabia in the Middle East through trade contacts. It involves creation of designs by cutting one fabric and stitching the pieces onto another. "Khatwa" is used to craft decorative tents, canopies, shamianas, etc. A thick fabric and Geometric patterns are used while making the Tents on important occasion or functions. The cutting and designing are done by the men while the women do the stitching work Apart from tents, Kathwa is also used in decorating women's garments. In this case the applique work done is more artistic.


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