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Bihar Fair and Festival
Karma or Jawa

The Karma or Jawa festival is celebrated on the eleventh day of the lunar month of Bhado (August- September), at the climax of the monsoon when the paddy is standing in the fields.The Karma festival is one which observed by the tribals as well as the non-tribals of Bihar. On the Karma festival, three branches of the Karam tree are cut by young bachelors and brought into the village. These  karam branches are downed in the tank or stream. The cucumber which was offered to Karam Raja is eaten by the girl's parents and brothers.  On this occasion almost all the maidens observe fasting. In the noon they are accompanied by the youths of respective clans .The youths spend the whole night in singing and dancing. The song sung on this occasion narrate the legends of Karma and Dharma. On the morning following the Karam festival, the maidens take up the seeds with shoots sprouting out of them. The entire Karam festival ends after the communal bath. 

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