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Folk Dance, Songs & Performing Arts of Bihar
Jhumar Dance

Jhumar is a traditional folk dance of Bihar, which is performed by the rural women. There is no fixed season for this beautiful dance form. Spring descends on earth with its beauty and spreads joy and happiness all around. The women dance with gay abandon. The men folk are invited to join in and they usually provide the musical accompaniment. Jhumar Dance form can either be Bhojpuri Jhumar Dance or Magahi Jhumar Dance.
Bhojpuri music and dance is popular in Magadh and its surrounding districts in Bihar. Bhojpuri Jhumar is a famous folk dance of the Bhojpuri people. With the advent of spring, nature blossoms into a riot of colour and fragrance. The people of this region welcome spring with vibrant songs and dances. This rhythmic dance form is an expression of the joys and sorrows of the people. 
The Magahi Jhumar dance is usually presented in the form of a duet, where male and female dancers play the role of husband and wife. They dance in unison, expressing their desires and aspirations. The wife asks her husband for good clothes and beautiful ornaments. The husband promises to give her everything she desires. 

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