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Folk Dance, Songs & Performing Arts of Bihar
Jat-Jatin Dance

Jat-Jatin is the most popular folk dance of North Bihar, namely in Mithila and Koshi region, which is performed as a couple dance. This dance presents many socially concerned topics like poverty, love, sorrow, arguments etc. The original theme of this dance originated from the love story of Jat and Jatin. 
Jat- Jatin is a popular folk dance in the Bihar state of India. It is mostly famous in North Bihar, namely in Mithila and Koshi region. Jat Jatin is the dance of women and is supposed to be performed on moonlit nights during the monsoons.  
Theme of the Jata-Jatin dance of Bihar explains the story of the lovers Jata-Jatin, who were separated and living in difficult situations. The Jata-Jatin dance has for its theme songs invoking rains. It is also known as Yakaha Nirtya and mostly is in accompaniment to the songs. The steps are lively and vigorous with delicate bodily movements, four steps forward and an equal number back. It being a dance only for girls, they fall into two groups, one Jata and the other Jatin. The dance starts with an invocation to Yakasha and a prayer for rains. The rhythm is kept to six, seven or eight beats i.e., Dadra, Teevta and Kerwa, Foot patterns are not very intricate but the movements of the limbs are graceful and soothing.


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