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Folk Dance, Songs & Performing Arts of Bihar
Jadur Dance

Jadur is the dance form which is popular among the Oraons which are one of the tribal communities of south Bihar. This dance form is mainly performed during the occasion of Sarhul festival. Sarhul is the occasion which is celebrates every year with great enthusiasm and by that Jadur dance is also performed by the tribal people every year. This form of dance mainly symbolizes the fertility, vitality and shows the tribute to the mother land with the devotion of sun god. It is one of the stylized forms of tribal dance which shows different life forces.
This dance form is mainly known for lyricism and having a lot of potential to control energy during the performance. It attracts many people to join the dance by the musical beats of the drums played by the people during performance. 
It can be performed by both men and women of the tribal areas. The nature of this dance form is mainly in Athletic form and performed on the continuous rhythm basis. The most important role in this dance form is the movement of legs. Legs postures hold an important position in the Jadur dance form and the movements of arms are supposed to interlock with the straight posture of the upper body. Almost each of the villages of Oraon community from Bihar participates in this dance form.

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