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Heritage Place

Bihar is rich in culture and heritage. The ancient cities of Bihar boasts of some very rich and treasured sites of ancient India. The state of Bihar houses some very exquisite heritage sites from the ancient history of India, which speak volumes for its glorious past. Some of the heritage sites here dates back to the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The remains of Rajgir are the oldest architectural remains after the Harappa and Mohanjodaro remains in India. Bodhgaya is home to the tree where Buddha got enlightened. There is temple in Bodhgaya, constructed by Ashoka, in memoir of Buddha. Nalanda is home to the sites of the ancient Buddhist International University. Vaishali is the place where Ashoka made the famous lion-pillar. Vaishali is very holy place for the Buddhists. Be it the Hindu Pilgrimages sites, the Buddhist monasteries or the ancient Jain sites, Bihar is one most treasured destination in India with numerous places of interest.

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