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Bihar Fair and Festival

Chiragais is a festival held in honour of the Muslim saint Makhdum Shah. It takes place on various dates in different places, e.g. in Patna City it takes place in the month of Bakrid (about December), and at other places in Barah wafat (about March). Makhdumana is a rite performed in his honour. The Muslim saint Makdham Shah Daulat had died in 1608 and was interred at Maner, a village west of Patna, near the junction of the rivers Son and Ganges. His mausoleum, built in 1616 by Ibrahim Khan, one of his disciples, is a fine example of funerary architecture during the reign of the Mughal emperor Jahangir and has columns with projecting lotus brackets, and small domed pavilions or chhatris at the corners of the roof.

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