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Bihar Painting, Art and Crafts

Bihar has a rich historical past. Right from the ancient times to the present century, it has always been a center of attention for historians. The powerful dynasties like Magadha Majanapadas, Mauryan Empire and Gupta Empire had flourished in our fertile land of Bihar. Some of the many great names of the Indian history like Ashok, Chandragupta Maurya and the symbol of peace and non-violence Gautam Buddha have their roots in Bihar. The great religions of the world like Buddhism and Jainism had sprouted form Bihar. Therefore, naturally Bihar is rich with varied arts and crafts. Down the generations, the rich heritage of art and crafts have been preserved though with the advancement of technologies, slight variations can be seen.

The unique features of art and crafts in Bihar are the intrinsic beauties and great creativeness. These creative beauties have been preserved in various forms like in ancient stone, wooden structures, grass-clothes, lacquer and metal-wares. Bihar's craftsmen have excelled in manufacturing artistic goods that have high demands in the local and the international market as well. The fine skills and perfection of the Bihari craftsmen are clearly manifested from various archeological excavations conducted in Kumhrar, Bulandibagh, Nalanda and other places. Pottery, wooden articles, metal wares, stone wares, jewelry, lacquer works, kashida, sikki and moonj wares, wooden and clay toys, zari, artistic textile fabrics and printing on cloth are some of the contemporary crafts of Bihar are much appreciated in the Indian and the international markets for their artistic beauties and innovations. Another distinct feature of Bihar’s handicraft is its practicality and usefulness in everyday life for eg. bangle making, khatwa works and stone works. The reasonable pricing has also played a great part in making the arts and crafts of Bihar a hit in various markets.

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