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Legendary Person
Chitragupta (Composer)

Chitragupta Shrivastava (16 November 1917 – 14 January 1991), better known as Chitragupta, was an Indian film music director of the 1950s and 1960s in Hindi cinema. Chitragupta composed music for 150 films spanning from 1946 to 1998. Popular amongst them were Zabak, Bhaabhi,Oonche Log, Insaaf Ki Manzil and Kali Topi Lal Rumaal (famous for the song "Laagi Chhoote Na” sung by Mohammed Rafi& Lata Mangeshkar).

He was born in Sawreji, a village located in Saran district in the Indian state of Bihar (now in Gopalganj district). He was a postgraduate in two subjects and was very much interested in studies. His sons Anand-Milind are also noted Bollywood music directors. They worked as assistant music directors with their father for eight years

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