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Art & Culture of Bihar
Bangle Making

Bangle making of Bihar is largely centered around the region of Muzaffarpur. It is a very lucrative small scale industry of the region. The artisans involved in bangle making collect their raw material from the nearby forests, mainly lac and the natural colors used in the making of these colorful roundels. Bright and brilliant colors are typically used in bangles. They range from vermilion to bright yellow, from resplendent reds and purples to shining golds. The artisans from Muzaffarpur specialize in the making of a special kinds of bangles called the lahathi. They form an integral part of Bihar's bangle making tradition. These lac bangles are wonderfully decorated in bright colors usually orange and yellow and they are striped exquisitely. Often small mirror like glass pieces are adorned on the bangles.

The best works of bangle making can be seen in the city of Muzaffarpur which is considered to be the center for cottage industries. Bangles are an inseparable part of Indian customs and an integral part of make up kit of Indian women.The raw material is for bangle works is obtained from the forest nearby. The artisans use light fire to craft the delicate glasses into circular shape. The artisans go by the market demand and their imagination to give them the most fashionable and contemporary designs. One can buy them from many stores or directly from the homes of the artisans.


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